respond to carl Lewis article


What Carl and the rest of the world dont understand is that Jamaicans start training for the Olympics from kindergarten/nursery school. We have inter-school, parish and other sporting championships for athletics, football, netball and all the sports we enter at the Olympics from age 6. Likewise for education we have Schools Challenge for High Schools similar to the UK’s university challenge. I live in the UK and the schools here dont have any programme for runners from an early age (as a matter of fact from any age). There is no national sporting competitions for schools to take part in to recognise these talents from an early age. ;Jamaica is the size/population of London (just a dot on the Globe) and we have always been a popular country long before Bolt because of our ever striving countrymen


One thought on “respond to carl Lewis article

  1. feel sorry for Carl Lewis. We all love Usain, but we shouldn't bash Carl so bad! He did not have his facts straight. I wonder if he is regret what he had said when only after the interview, he heard about Usain's sucess while he was a junior at only 14-16. Someone should ask Carl n

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