why do people hate Jamaicans? Where I’m from they all act like criminals and drug dealers?



contributed here :http://www.topix.com/forum/world/jamaica/TERH59INL1LC8UT41

Jamaicans stand out where ever they go . They are very confident people who always accomplish what they set out to do. Jamaican reggae music is extremely popular,Jamaican girls are on top in the miss world competition (Jamaica is third in having the most Miss world winners)The fastest man in the world is a Jamaican (Usain Bolt).Read my article on ‘Why do Jamaicans excel’ http://crazyjamaica.com/….Not meaning to brag but Jamaicans are very hard working and stand for no bulls.Yes I agree there are exceptions to every rule,There are definitely lazy Jamaicans with no ambition, but that does not speak for the majority of Jamaicans


alberto…if you are in a state penitentiary for the crimes that YOU committed against young girls for rape, and you encounter Jamaicans in the state penitentiary, that are acting like criminals and drug dealers, you have to ask yourself,’Why are these Jamaicans in the same prison that I’m in, where they are acting like criminals and drug dealers?’ IT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE IN JAIL FOR BEING A RAPIST, ALBERTO…they send criminals from all different nationalities to the same prison, alberto…you will have to deal with being around criminals from all walks of life, until you realize that raping girls is not appropriate, or until the U.S. decides to execute scum rapists like yourself! Does that adequately answer your question, alberto? I suggest you log off and lock up now…you know what it’s like when other prisoners find out that you love to rape little girls…better ask to be put into solitary confinement, or protective custody, shrump! LOL! Read More



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