Jamaica High School Boys and Girls track & Field Champs From A Different Perspective


Holmwood Technical high at jamaica high school championship Holmwood Technical High School at Champs


For many  years I used to look forward to Jamaica boys and Girls track and field Championships.

But no longer so,because   this  week long  competition has decided in the first hour of the first day.
I said this because early in the competition  just about every year you started  witnessing the few schools in both genders that will be relevant until duration of the competition.

I would love to see  more competition amongst more schools
Taking nothing away from these stellar schools,but it started to become a carbon copy.
Having the same three or four schools in both genders,with the benefit of a doubt four or five schools
relevant for over a decade, if not decades. Wouldn’t  the scenery be more climatic to have more schools
across the island that are relevant.In the national football League[NFL]  for example they call it parity.

St Jago High from Spanish,St Catherine,Jamaica

St Jago High from Spanish,St Catherine,Jamaica

And that is why the NFL is intriguing and is the most watched sports in the states and is also the most lucrative sports in the states Even with the average players salary are significantly less than the other sports.But the popularity stems from the competitiveness and unpredictability of so many relevant teams. After seventy five percent of games played, more  than fifty percent of the  teams are still relevant. Not just a few cities,as in champs  where you can name your Cbar,Kc,Jc,Wolmers and may be St Georges and St Jago that are relevant year after year. The later two seems to always relegated to their customary 5th or 6th position.And yes i know Monroe College fits in that customary 5th or 6th position a few times as well…..Read More 



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