The world fastest sprinter lives in the United States!


By Louis Ritchie

The current world fastest human sprinter of all time lives in Jamaica, but the real world’s fastest and sprinter, will always live in the United States! (“I’LL EXPLAIN LATER IN THIS ARTICLE”)!

I don’t know, who decided that the world fastest human, is the person that runs the 100 meter dash but they need to rethink that conclusion. The reason I’m saying this, is that the only race that was introduced at the first ancient Olympics Games, was the 200 meter dash  — was called the stade, in those days  — which was the length of the Olympic Stadium.

The current 100 meter dash was never contested at any of the ancient Olympic Games!  It wasn’t until 1896, the year of the first modern Olympics, that the 100 meter dash was contested. I don’t believe the 100 meter dash, should be the race that decides the world fastest human! Whoever made that decision back in the late 1800’s was wrong, in my opinion! I think whoever wins the 200 meter dash, should be crowned the world’s fastest human, just like they did, during the ancient Olympics! Any person that wins the Olympic 100 meter dash, but loses (or doesn’t run) the 200 meter dash, shouldn’t be the world fastest human.

I also think the reason that the 200 meter dash, which was the approximate length of the original Olympic stadium decided the world fastest human, was because it allowed the runners with a slower start, to catch people that had a faster start, to be caught before the finish line!Read More


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