Jamaica north coast High way The people of St Ann and of the North Coast in general, including motorists from Montego Bay, are facing proposed toll charges that are excessive, even compared to the toll on the orginal east-west Highway 2000.As the toll proposal stand, if you intend to use thfull length of the highway from Mammee Bay to Caymanas, you will be required to pay ONE WAY $1,220 if you drive a typical motorcar or small SUV, so called class one vehicle. If you drive a large SUV and some of the higher pick-ups, small truck or small minibus you will pay $2,450 and if you drive a truck or bus you will pay $3,700. All those are one way.

So if you work in Kingston and drive back and forth five days a week using your car the cost per week would be $12,200 for the total if the rates remain as proposed. If you drive a larger size SUV or pick up, your cost for using the toll would be $24,500 a week. None of that includes fuel or other costs involved in using a vehicle
We at the North Coast Times want to hear your views about the proposed toll rates. Send  read more


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