Medical team mission to Jamaica cancel over murder of Missionaries



A medical team from the United States has cancelled its mission to the island in the wake of the murder of two missionaries in St Mary.

The cancellation was announced Saturday during a memorial service for the life of Harold Nichols, 53,

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Bailey takes cue from big sister VCB


verbaileySean Bailey (right) of St Jago High School and big sister Veronica-Campbell Brown

Sean Bailey (right) of St Jago High School and big sister Veronica-Campbell Brown.

St Jago High School’s Class One 400-metre star Sean Bailey wants to follow in the footsteps of his elder sister and former World and Olympic champion, Veronica Campbell-Brown.

Bailey who won his 400m semi-final yesterday in 47.78 seconds, said the former world and Olympic 100 and 200 metres champion serves as his greatest motivation, and though

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Jamaica north coast High way The people of St Ann and of the North Coast in general, including motorists from Montego Bay, are facing proposed toll charges that are excessive, even compared to the toll on the orginal east-west Highway 2000.As the toll proposal stand, if you intend to use thfull length of the highway from Mammee Bay to Caymanas, you will be required to pay ONE WAY $1,220 if you drive a typical motorcar or small SUV, so called class one vehicle. If you drive a large SUV and some of the higher pick-ups, small truck or small minibus you will pay $2,450 and if you drive a truck or bus you will pay $3,700. All those are one way.

So if you work in Kingston and drive back and forth five days a week using your car the cost per week would be $12,200 for the total if the rates remain as proposed. If you drive a larger size SUV or pick up, your cost for using the toll would be $24,500 a week. None of that includes fuel or other costs involved in using a vehicle
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Venus Serena at Jamaica’s Treasure Beach Tennis Clinic


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ST ELIZABETH, Jamaica — Acclaimed tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams are at Jamaica’s Treasure Beach Sports Park in St Elizabeth, for tennis a clinic with youngsters.

The Williams sisters are slated to attend a boxing card featuring Jamaican and Caymanian amateur fighters later today.

Venus Serena at Jamaica’s Treasure Beach Tennis Clinic

Serena is a seventeen-time Grand Slam title winner currently ranked number one in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rankings. Venus is a seven-time Grand Slam title winner, currently ranked 48.

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Shelly Ann Fraser 200m victory

English: Shelly-Ann Fraser after 4x100m moscow 2013.

English: Shelly-Ann Fraser and Kerron Stewart at the World Championship Athletics 2013

Shelly Ann Fraser 200m victory

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It was a sprinting sweep for Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who took home the gold medal in the 200M in Moscow on Friday.Fraser-Pryce’s victory came after a gold in the women’s 100M as well.In a race that wasn’t really close, the Jamaican finished in 22.17, followed by

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Reflection back on the Braeton massacre from 2001 and the correlation with Reneto Adams


Seven innocent young people killed in cold blood
The Braeton Massacre

7 innocent young people killed in cold blood The Braeton Massacre in 2001 kingston by police headed by Reno Adams

On 14 March 2001, the police leaded by Superintendent Reneto Adams, head of Crime Management Unit killed seven young men at a house in Braeton, Kingston.
The police claimed the men fired upon them after some 60 officers arrived at the house and requested them to give themselves up. According to the police, all seven were killed when the gun fire was returned.
However, residents in the area claim they heard the men pleading for officers to spare their lives before the police took the men back inside the house one at a time and apparently executed them.
A pathologist, sent by Amnesty International, observed the autopsies and noted that six of the seven youths had been shot in the head, with at least one shot fired at close range, and concluded that it was “highly unlikely” that the shooting occurred in the manner suggested by the police and that the pattern of gunshot wounds was “more consistent” with the theory that the men were shot

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